A Jigger In Need, Is A Jigger Indeed

”A Friend In Need, Is A Friend Indeed”. Twist the word around and infuse it with a rural touch, you get ”A Jigger In Need Is A Jigger Indeed”.

Do you have such a friend?!? I do! Infact, I have a couple of them on whom I can rely upon blindfold at any time of the week. A bond so strengthened or a bond understood so much can be defined only upon encompassing a time frame. Got my point :p? I guess not!

Crashing the vehicle that belongs to your friend while he/she had let you to drive it around for a joyride. And, your pockets are deeply empty to pay for those bumps!! But, still your friend doesn’t scream or disowns you for that mistake..

Selling a dearly embraced gold ring to purchase a rough cell phone because you just lost yours and your friend was not subtle to make that decision!! She/he only bought it for your use, so that you shall not come across a problem and can be used by you for the time being. Ofcourse, as cellphone is a necessity!

Both immaculate examples reflect compassion on an utter extreme. Those gestures require immense sweetness, patience and compassion that already should be infused in every atom of your friend’s body. Such Best Buds are the only ones who surpass ultimate tests with you or atleast make you pass your Maths test rather letting you flunk it.

”A Jigger In Need, Is A Jigger Indeed” is a neutral acronym that can be derived by anyone to express their best buddy story in their own respective ways. Your needs that your buddy fulfilled once stood alfresco & without your buddy’s help you would never have the courage to detain your hardships.

Blessed to have such friends….


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