Love, it is. Sad, it is…

Love surrounding the human relations, is always complicated no matter how much fun and yearning it sometimes they tend to be. I remember while doing my O levels, I used to find the chemistry subject in my curriculum to be the most complicated among others. However, later experiences revealed that chemistry was just the beginning of it!

Whether it is among the siblings, a parent or a child, boyfriend and girlfriend or in between the spouses, it always remains mysterious and complicated. Maybe because the two subjects can never be associated as one sole beings, they have their own perceptions and beliefs that separate them with each other. But then I don’t understand the super effect of it, some kind of a superfluous bond that has to be kept intact for the survival of a relationship or it stays intact that ensures the survival of a relationship.

However, the sad part of it is the sorrow that love brings with it. It really breaks your heart when you get stumbled and loses the thirst that you once had with your partner. Yet, the saddest part is if you adore someone and don’t get the same response in return. I quote, someone’s words, that ”the response for your love for me (her) cannot be necessarily the same. We love and care for someone without any intention(s)”. Is that true? Is it how it is supposed to be? But then again I see the mutual bond among the other subjects.

The story dates back to my primary years of education, when I couldn’t even take care of myself and it’s a very long story that you don’t want to hear, trust me. And, now I have lost the appetite to endorse the entire baseline of this blog. However, the focal point was to address that how come you lose the craving (sometimes through painful route) that you once had so strong that made you sure you won’t lose it? Confusing huh?

Whatever the nearest-to-accurate answer is, it should be rather pretty convincing to atleast have my doubts get resolved. Well, I have found my ”doubt clearer” last year, and I’ll ask her about this particular query too 🙂


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