A Skydiving Crazy – Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner_The Skydiver

Felix Baumgartner

At the level of desperation for an ultra high sky dive, Felix Baumgartner of Austria was unlucky to make his record jump due to unfavorable weather conditions. My bewilderment was to read the speed with which this braveheart is gonna fall down on earth.

The daredevil revives my skydiving adrenaline rush! Upon reading his jump calculations, experts suggest that he would reach a speed of Mach 1 – 690mph 1,110km/h) at the target altitude – within 40 seconds.

It would be the first ever record of the highest jump in the human history.

Skydiver climbs at such altitudes using helium balloons or envelopes attached to specially built pressurized capsules.

Previously such a dive was attempted by retired US Air Force Col Joe Kittinger, whose altitude was 102,800ft (31.3km) while Baumgartner’s altitude is more than 120,000ft (36.5km). At that altitude pressure of oxygen is 2% of what is at sea level, making it impossible to breathe without a promising oxygen supply.

Since 2005, Austrian adventurer had been planning and accumulating his resources to attempt the jump of his career that had been previously tried by others who unfortunately lost their lives during the dive.

Felix is desperate to break a milestone of skydiving records of the past 50 years. Meteorologists have suggest a suitable weather giving him a good to go on this Thursday for his jump.

Speaking the loss of lives, this news thrills me and surprises me at the same time, reinforcing my dream to skydive atleast once in my lifetime!

Disrespecting The Religious Contours Through A Movie

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has gone into hiding since his name was linked with the film.

To the news that sounds a bit bizarre; the actress Cindy Lee Garcia who has played the role of lead actress in the blasphemous movie that portrayed (God forbid) the profane role of Prophet Muhammad. It was a mockery that sparked extensive outcry across the entire globe.

According to the actress’ statement, she was tricked in playing the lead role while unaware of the anti-Islamic script of the film. Moreover, she sued the producer of this movie, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who is currently in hiding.

The Californian judge, Luis Lavin, declined the actress’ plea to remove the video from the Youtube saying that the alleged producer had not been given a copy of the lawsuit.

Cindy Lee Garcia_At an interview

Cindy Lee Garcia

It is quoted “My whole life has been turned upside down in every aspect,” she said. “My family has been threatened.” 

This particular movie was the sole reason to spark a cruel outrage and demonstrations across the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, that led to the death of the U.S ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens (late), along with four other American citizens in a deadly attack on the U.S consulate in Benghazi.

In Pakistan alone 19 innocent people lost their lives due to fiery protests held across the country. Till today, Youtube is banned in Pakistan & Sudan by the orders of their respective federal authorities. The film was released in the United States on behalf of their ”freedom of speech” feature. Youtube & the White House were quoted by reuters to say ”We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we do not permit hate speech…” and the 14 minute short film ”is clearly within our (their) guidelines and so will stay on YouTube”

Innocence of Muslims‘ was initially released into digital mediums on July 1, 2012 that later got attention of Arabic and Egyptian news channels.

The film, Innocence of Muslims, is a serious contradiction towards the genuine beliefs of the religion Islam and a   severe impiousness that degrades the sacred teachings and ethics of Islam.

Apple iPhone 5 – A Speculating Contradiction

iPhone 5 Standup_Latest Review

iPhone 5 Standup

A gigantic hype created for the release of iPhone 5 is now put to a halt after its international launch on the 12th of September 2012 as you are all aware because of waiting for its launch. But Apple apparently failed to prevail the same volume of anticipation or shall I say ”emotional exhibition” expressed by each individual cross continents. While Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was quoted by an employee of the firm saying ”he is quite excited about the release of iPhone 5”; the firm didn’t even flinch, nevertheless not realizing that their latest device has no new awe-inspiring innovation compared to its predecessor!

Apple community around the globe was disappointed on launch of the new iPhone. On the other hand, HTC, Motorola, Samsung have introduced android based smartphones with much larger screens still lacking a few features in it in contrast to the handsets of these rivals.

Latest Review for Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 Review

Cost of iPhone 5: A 16GB is available at a startling cost of 529 pounds! (Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-19572820) Apple’s new device exhibits a 18% thinner and 20% (3.9 oz) lighter than iPhone 4S engraved with a dual-core Apple A6 processor, bearing an iOS 6 which Phil Schiller – Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing, claims it is twice as faster than the previous device. Much likely the new device lacks heart-throbbing innovation, however, providing a respectable upgrade. Moreover, iPhone 5  has an immaculate resolution ratio of 16:9 that matches of widescreen plasmas along with an 8 MP camera attached with an LED Flash giving the autofocus option too, which will capture more crisp images even in low light. A design of smaller dock will allow business to manufacture new cables and sockets, which will be a headache initially to be bought by the users to charge their brand new iPhone.

Apple iPhone 5 in Black_in White

Apple iPhone 5 Black & White

Review for the iPhone 5

iPhone 5_Blog

iPhone 5 provides 4G spectrum, gave carriers around the globe to do something more. Meanwhile in theUK,Orange and T-Mobile will be the ones providing 4G network spectrum along with the new communications firm Everything Everywhere’s (EE) 4G LTE network inside the UK. Unfortunately it also lacks NFC (Near Field Communication) prohibiting you to process touch less or online transactions such as when scanning a product’s Bar/QR code or when purchasing a ticket and then proceeding to pay online via internet. Excluding NFC would cost Apple and the competition is getting tougher in the smartphone industry. First shipment of iPhone 5 will begin shipping on September 21, 2012. Nonetheless, mac experts claim – to 4S users – iPhone 5 to be a fun experience with its ultra fast processing speed, real-time mapping (street view), updated version of Siri; infused altogether would make users to develop a new attachment with iPhone 5.

Love, it is. Sad, it is…

Love surrounding the human relations, is always complicated no matter how much fun and yearning it sometimes they tend to be. I remember while doing my O levels, I used to find the chemistry subject in my curriculum to be the most complicated among others. However, later experiences revealed that chemistry was just the beginning of it!

Whether it is among the siblings, a parent or a child, boyfriend and girlfriend or in between the spouses, it always remains mysterious and complicated. Maybe because the two subjects can never be associated as one sole beings, they have their own perceptions and beliefs that separate them with each other. But then I don’t understand the super effect of it, some kind of a superfluous bond that has to be kept intact for the survival of a relationship or it stays intact that ensures the survival of a relationship.

However, the sad part of it is the sorrow that love brings with it. It really breaks your heart when you get stumbled and loses the thirst that you once had with your partner. Yet, the saddest part is if you adore someone and don’t get the same response in return. I quote, someone’s words, that ”the response for your love for me (her) cannot be necessarily the same. We love and care for someone without any intention(s)”. Is that true? Is it how it is supposed to be? But then again I see the mutual bond among the other subjects.

The story dates back to my primary years of education, when I couldn’t even take care of myself and it’s a very long story that you don’t want to hear, trust me. And, now I have lost the appetite to endorse the entire baseline of this blog. However, the focal point was to address that how come you lose the craving (sometimes through painful route) that you once had so strong that made you sure you won’t lose it? Confusing huh?

Whatever the nearest-to-accurate answer is, it should be rather pretty convincing to atleast have my doubts get resolved. Well, I have found my ”doubt clearer” last year, and I’ll ask her about this particular query too 🙂

A Jigger In Need, Is A Jigger Indeed

”A Friend In Need, Is A Friend Indeed”. Twist the word around and infuse it with a rural touch, you get ”A Jigger In Need Is A Jigger Indeed”.

Do you have such a friend?!? I do! Infact, I have a couple of them on whom I can rely upon blindfold at any time of the week. A bond so strengthened or a bond understood so much can be defined only upon encompassing a time frame. Got my point :p? I guess not!

Crashing the vehicle that belongs to your friend while he/she had let you to drive it around for a joyride. And, your pockets are deeply empty to pay for those bumps!! But, still your friend doesn’t scream or disowns you for that mistake..

Selling a dearly embraced gold ring to purchase a rough cell phone because you just lost yours and your friend was not subtle to make that decision!! She/he only bought it for your use, so that you shall not come across a problem and can be used by you for the time being. Ofcourse, as cellphone is a necessity!

Both immaculate examples reflect compassion on an utter extreme. Those gestures require immense sweetness, patience and compassion that already should be infused in every atom of your friend’s body. Such Best Buds are the only ones who surpass ultimate tests with you or atleast make you pass your Maths test rather letting you flunk it.

”A Jigger In Need, Is A Jigger Indeed” is a neutral acronym that can be derived by anyone to express their best buddy story in their own respective ways. Your needs that your buddy fulfilled once stood alfresco & without your buddy’s help you would never have the courage to detain your hardships.

Blessed to have such friends….

Thinking the new me.

I now believe that I am caught between two extremes which are wide apart from each other. As if I am stuck in the middle of a traffic that neither begins flowing nor gives me a hope that it would break in a while. Moreover, that thought scares me too in a way. It generates a fear that I would not excel in my life or least expect something happier out of it. The title ”thinking the new me” explains that I am or I wasn’t the same as currently. Now, saying that I find my physical self being different from my spiritual self, in other words I don’t find the default connection between these two parts of myself. As if my body is not capable of supporting my mental values or mental status.

Meanwhile, looking at this thought from a different perspective it seems though as if that belief contains something sad; like there’s something depressive about it. Maybe because I spent about four years of my life and experiences in depression and the thought emerges from those depressive corners of mine. Yet, that’s how it is these days.